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Zenon Zbyszowski

Can you help find “death threat” man?

POLICE HAVE appealed to the public to help them find Zenon Zbyszowski, 32. They want to question him in connection with two incidents in Tower Hamlets.

The first incident took place on 2nd May and left the female victim physically unhurt but very shaken. The second incident took place on Saturday, 13th May, in Roman Road, E3. The incidents could lead to charges of false imprisonment and/or threats to kill.

Zbyszowski could be hard to find. He has been known to spend time in London and also in and around Southampton. However, the police do want to clear up these two violent and threatening incidents – before any further incidents occur.

If you have any information on Zbyszowski and/or his whereabouts, please call DC Shoaib Iqbal on 07500-975 395.  Alternatively, you can phone Crimestoppers on 0800-555 111, where you can provide information anonymously. If you believe you have seen him, you are asked to phone 999 immediately.

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