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Brexit begins!


THERESA MAY has signed the letter, a man called Sir Tim Barrow – the UK’s ambassador to the EU – has taken it over to Donald Tusk, President of the European Council and Britain is on our way. We’re not sure ...

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French right in hot water over EU funds

Marine Le Pen

TWO RIGHT WING French politicians are in trouble over their alleged misuse of EU funds. Marine Le Pen, Leader of the far-right, anti-immigrant Front National, has missed the deadline for paying back over £250,000 of EU funding claimed to employ ...

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They’re driving us crazy!

Bikes: using up ever more of London's road space.

A NEW REPORT from the London Assembly Transport Committee has suggested radical new measures be taken to curb traffic in London. The report’s been welcomed by London’s Deputy Mayor for Transport, Val Shawcross. She wants to see City Hall being “smarter ...

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Biggs in “Luther Rahman” gaffe

Detail from Council press release.

LABOUR MAYOR of Tower Hamlets John Biggs was left red-faced after his Administration put out a press release referring to his predecessor as “Luther Rahman”. “Lutfur Rahman” is probably one of the best known names in Tower Hamlets. The Borough’s ...

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Jack Straw faces court over rendition

Jack Straw

LABOUR’S FORMER Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, may have to defend himself before a Court in connection with his role in “rendition”. This is the practice undertaken by the USA during the “war on terror” which saw them in effect kidnapping ...

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Rape in Victoria Park

Victoria Park

POLICE ARE appealing for witnesses after a 24 year old woman was raped in Victoria Park in the early hours of Friday, 13th January. The woman had spent the evening with friends and was walking through the Park near Grove Road ...

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