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Detail from Council press release.
Detail from Council press release.

Biggs in “Luther Rahman” gaffe

LABOUR MAYOR of Tower Hamlets John Biggs was left red-faced after his Administration put out a press release referring to his predecessor as “Luther Rahman”.

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Above: detail from Council press release

“Lutfur Rahman” is probably one of the best known names in Tower Hamlets. The Borough’s first directly elected mayor, he was first elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2014. He was also the UK’s first directly elected Bangladeshi mayor. During his Administration, he was the target of non-stop criticism from the Labour benches – despite having stood for election on the Labour Party’s own manifesto and having invited Labour to join his Cabinet and help him govern Tower Hamlets.

Nonetheless, it seems that John Biggs has forgotten all about his predecessor – and signed off a press release referring to an imaginary mayor.

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