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Grameen Bank pioneer is under attack

In much of the world Muhammad Yunus is known as the genial pioneer of microcredit and the winner of the 2006 Nobel peace prize. Yet in his native Bangladesh Mr Yunus’s reputation is under attack. His supporters fear that the ...

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Happy New Year – 2012

One more year 2011 has passed and hopefully it was a very pleasant year for you. So what has the New Year got in store for you? Do you have some big plans for 2012 to make it the best ...

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Malaysia to deport 3.5 lakh Bangladeshis

Malaysia will be sending back around  350,000 Bangladeshi expatriates, who had either migrated through illegal process or have overstayed their visas, expatriates’ welfare minister have said. Khandker Mosharraf Hossain was speaking at a meeting with Bangladesh Chamber of Industries (BCI) ...

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Facebook Women

Dear Editor of London Bangla, I cannot express how appalled I am at the standard of an article by one of your  journalist called Mrs Parveen Hassan named “Facebook women crave artificial attention”. There are no references to any facts, ...

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Do Coincidences Really exist?

Interestingly it is a question that divides people. Some people believe that coincidences do exist others believe that it does not and that in fact it is actually to do with fate and destiny.

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