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More from the Council

There’s now questions from Councillors.  We won’t record these in detail: you can read them or even watch the film on: http://moderngov.towerhamlets.gov.uk/uuCoverPage.aspx?bcr=1 The exchanges are brief, and you can see how most councillors present here tonight are grinding party political ...

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Live from the Council

Intense traffic made us rather late for tonight’s Council meeting, but here we are –  bringing you the news, the jokes and the intrigue. Tonight’s meeting began with public petitions. First we heard from Mr Dulal Uddin of Poplar High ...

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Council 4

Mayor Lutfur Rahman gave his report to the Council (the Council voted, after he was elected, that he should have five minutes to report to each Council meeting).  Mayor Rahman went briefly through the “Pickles process”, pointing out that the ...

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Walter Tull: football icon

Emdad Rahman interviews author Dan Lyndon. With October being Black History Month, it is perhaps appropriate to celebrate the life of a truly ground-breaking black football player. Walter Tull was a football pioneer who served as an officer in the ...

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Having a Wales of a time II

Several months ago we published the link (https://eastlondonnews.co.uk/having-a-wales-of-a-time/) to a Guardian video showing Robin Wales discussing housing issues with one of his constituents.  We speculated that Sir Robin had probably just come back from a customer care course. Now it seems ...

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