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Football United!

Cup winners Balagonj

Emdad Rahman reflects on the Greater Sylhet Upazila Cup 2015. The experience convinced him that grassroots football brings communities together much more than it divides them. Doubters will always walk among us. “This will create factions, and you should know ...

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Double standards!

Labour's John Biggs (right) was keen to secure support from Tory Councillors, led by Cllr Peter Golds (left)

John Biggs and Tory Leader Peter Golds unite to back candidate Labour and Tory councillors appoint candidate who is under police investigation Independent councillors abstain following last minute release of shock information On Wednesday evening (26th August), John Biggs stood ...

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Fright night with a snigger!

ghost bus

Emdad Rahman takes the London Ghost Bus Tour. The London Ghost Bus Tour is a theatrical sightseeing tour, taking passengers of a grotesque persuasion through a chilling history of London while providing a piece of comedy horror theatre on board ...

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Is this the way to staunch extremism?


David Cameron summed up his approach to “extremism” in one paragraph of the lengthy statement he made this week: “For all our successes as multi-racial, multi-faith democracy, we have to confront a tragic truth that there are people born and ...

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