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Bungle-Biggs wastes £3.5m on consultants

Members of the community gather outside the Town Hall to lobby the Cabinet. What's the point - if power to effect change is being handed over to consultants who cost £3.5 million? That's higher than the cost of the services many of the campaigners were trying to save.

PATH COUNCILLORS have condemned John Biggs for throwing away £3.5 million of Council Tax-payers’ money on consultants to help him decide how to run the Council. The spend has been condemned as tantamount to privatising the community. The criticism from the ...

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Buck stops with “Bungling Biggs”

Cllr Ohid Ahmed (left) and Cllr Oliur Rahman (right)

“IT’S YET ANOTHER damning verdict on his mayoralty.” That’s how Tower Hamlets Independent Councillors describe yesterday’s announcement that the Government will send in “Intervention Advisors” to supervise Tower Hamlets Council’s work to improve Children’s Services, rated as “inadequate” by Ofsted this April. ...

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Commissioners “back under another name”

Rabina Khan bw

TOWER HAMLETS Councillors have begun to react to the shocking news that the Government is sending in “Intervention Advisors” to supervise the Council’s work to  improve its Children’s Services. Opposition People’s Alliance leader Cllr Rabina Khan has pointed out that ...

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Biggs won’t, but Khan can!

Tower Hamlets parents demonstrate outside the Town Hall, calling on Mayor John Biggs to keep Council Day Nurseries open.

ONE OF THE reasons why Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs decided to explore privatising the Borough’s three remaining day care nurseries was the cost. His former Cabinet Member for Education and Children’s Services, Cllr Rachael Saunders, who resigned from the ...

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First Cabinet Member speaks out on parking

New Cabinet Member Cllr Amina Ali

THE VERBAL JOUSTING between Tower Hamlets councillors has hotted up as the Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Amina Ali, has joined in the debate over the current parking consultation. The Council is currently conducting a consultation over parking in zones ...

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