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Worries on Wednesday (6)

marine video

Worry… that’s he’s not worried. Listen to this brief clip of a new US marine talk about how and why he joined up – with no real concept of the horrors of war, no real thought given to the difference ...

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Stories on Saturday (5)


Parking is a nightmare across London for all drivers. However, strange things are going on in the London Borough of Redbridge that are making it even harder for the borough’s car owners.  

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Sounds on Sunday (6)

how dare you LP cover

It’s one of the most ironic songs produced by the original 10cc, and it starts the second side of the “How Dare You” LP, released 40 years ago. Its starting point was the phrase “art for art’s sake, money for God’s ...

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The Flood, Consequences

The Flood

To mark Greenpeace’s actions at the British Museum today to highlight the number of cities and islands around the world that have suffered flooding as a “consequence” of climate change, we bring you “The Flood” – an abstract aural representation ...

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Sounds on Sunday (5)

how dare you

10cc’s How Dare You came out 40 years ago. As a Long Playing Record on vinyl (LP), it had two sides – and today we close the first side with “Iceberg”. As a Gouldman/Godley number, it is again by one of the ...

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Fun on Friday (5)


Ease the pre-election tension for three minutes as Lee Mack tries to convince David Mitchell that he caught his girlfriend cheating on him… when he was bouncing on a trampoline in his garden. But is it true?    

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Victoria Wood at her best

victoria wood

Victoria Wood’s stand-up was so funny because it was based on a recognisable truth and expressed so well. It looked effortless – a sure sign that the eventual performance was the result of painstaking hard work.  

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Trouble on Tuesday (6)


Back in February, Beyoncé performed at the Superbowl. Right wingers were incensed by the “Black Panther” imagery used in the half-time show. They called a demonstration to protest. Here, Young Turks Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss how it went. ...

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Moans on Monday (4)


As part of our occasional “have we learned nothing over the last half century?” series, we present US satirist Tom Lehrer performing a song he wrote in 1960 about pressing environmental problems. The recording comes from a 1967 concert in ...

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Stories on Saturday (4)


Part of the story of the Hillsborough tragedy is the disgraceful role played by the Sun “newspaper”. As the jury in the re-opened inquest considers its verdict, enjoy this rare apology from the newspaper for its actions. A couple of months ...

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