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Caroline Aherne has died

The death has been announced of Caroline Aherne. Her work was quality, not quantity – not least because she spent so much of her life debilitated by cancer. Her two major TV shows, Mrs Merton and the Royle Family were revolutionary. ...

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Trouble on Tuesday (7)

Who runs football? Should it be the supporters, who pay the money – or big business, which takes a profit out the game. Watch supporters of Borussia Dortmund protest about rising ticket prices in an unusual and colourful fashion…   ...

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Worries on Wednesday (7)

Here’s one for all you two-wheelers out there: a cyclist’s-eye view of a downhill race track. Non-cyclists of a nervous disposition may need to watch with their eyes shut…     [Adverts]

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Sounds on Sunday (7)

It’s 40 years since 10cc released their fourth album – the last with the original line up all working together. Rock ‘n’ roll lullaby is a number you catch yourself humming days later. The lyrics tell it like it is ...

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Stories on Saturday (6)

Boris Johnson defends smoking, downplays the risks of passive smoking and says it was OK for him to break the law and use cannabis but no one else should. Who would follow that advice? So why would anyone take his suggestions ...

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Worries on Wednesday (6)

Worry… that’s he’s not worried. Listen to this brief clip of a new US marine talk about how and why he joined up – with no real concept of the horrors of war, no real thought given to the difference ...

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