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Trouble on Tuesday (5)


David Cameron’s been in a bit of bother this week. In which case, let’s add to his discomfort by remembering one of the japes he got up to at university. Ian Hislop’s classic rant was one of many – but ...

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Sounds on Sunday (4)

mandy web

We continue our 4oth anniversary tour around How Dare You, the fourth and final studio album of the 10cc original line up, with its fourth track: “I’m Mandy, Fly Me”. Although it only reached number 6 in the charts, it remains one ...

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Stories on Saturday (3)

michael owen

One for Emdad! We start the weekend with Michael Owen, Liverpool striker (and sometime star of England and some other places) telling his story: how a boy with a ball in a back yard made his way through to Anfield. ...

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Twits on Thursday (8)


It’s a classic. As we edge towards the EU referendum, and as the right of the Tory Party leave us wondering once more whether they really are from this planet, enjoy the spectacle of John Redwood MP trying to sing ...

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Twits on Thursday (7)

osborn vid

It’s been George Osborne’s week this week – with the news previewing, reporting and analysing his budget, dismissed by Jeremy Corbyn as a “failure”. What better time, then, to remind ourselves of some previous Osborne “failures”?

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Trouble on Tuesday (4)


Causing the trouble today is Ian Hislop. Usually thought to favour the Tories, the editor of Private Eye here takes on Tory MP Priti Patel (now Minister of State for Employment) on the question of capital punishment. Justine Roberts gives ...

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Moans on Monday (3)


Good satire passes the test of time – and none better than this “moan” from US Maths Professor and part time writer and performer of satirical songs Tom Lehrer. He wrote fewer than 40 songs over the lifetime of his ...

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Twits on Thursday (6)


The pre-Corbyn Labour Party came in for a great deal of public criticism during the various investigations of MPs’ expenses. Here’s Jacqui Smith MP, former Home Secretary, digging away at that hole in response to questions from a member of ...

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Worries on Wednesday (4)

John Redwood MP charges his batteries before someone hits the "on" switch and the interview begins.

A truly breathtaking clip of two figures addressing the worrying housing crisis. John Redwood MP is a truly chilling master of Tory doublespeak, while Ken Loach adopts the Corbyn approach of reasoned argument tinged with empathy and a little impatience. ...

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