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Victoria Wood at her best

victoria wood

Victoria Wood’s stand-up was so funny because it was based on a recognisable truth and expressed so well. It looked effortless – a sure sign that the eventual performance was the result of painstaking hard work.  

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Trouble on Tuesday (6)


Back in February, Beyoncé performed at the Superbowl. Right wingers were incensed by the “Black Panther” imagery used in the half-time show. They called a demonstration to protest. Here, Young Turks Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss how it went. ...

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Moans on Monday (4)


As part of our occasional “have we learned nothing over the last half century?” series, we present US satirist Tom Lehrer performing a song he wrote in 1960 about pressing environmental problems. The recording comes from a 1967 concert in ...

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Stories on Saturday (4)


Part of the story of the Hillsborough tragedy is the disgraceful role played by the Sun “newspaper”. As the jury in the re-opened inquest considers its verdict, enjoy this rare apology from the newspaper for its actions. A couple of months ...

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Trouble on Tuesday (5)


David Cameron’s been in a bit of bother this week. In which case, let’s add to his discomfort by remembering one of the japes he got up to at university. Ian Hislop’s classic rant was one of many – but ...

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Sounds on Sunday (4)

mandy web

We continue our 4oth anniversary tour around How Dare You, the fourth and final studio album of the 10cc original line up, with its fourth track: “I’m Mandy, Fly Me”. Although it only reached number 6 in the charts, it remains one ...

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Stories on Saturday (3)

michael owen

One for Emdad! We start the weekend with Michael Owen, Liverpool striker (and sometime star of England and some other places) telling his story: how a boy with a ball in a back yard made his way through to Anfield. ...

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Twits on Thursday (8)


It’s a classic. As we edge towards the EU referendum, and as the right of the Tory Party leave us wondering once more whether they really are from this planet, enjoy the spectacle of John Redwood MP trying to sing ...

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Twits on Thursday (7)

osborn vid

It’s been George Osborne’s week this week – with the news previewing, reporting and analysing his budget, dismissed by Jeremy Corbyn as a “failure”. What better time, then, to remind ourselves of some previous Osborne “failures”?

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