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Food network holds community events

TOWER HAMLETS Food Growing Network (FGN) has a range of events planned to support the local community over the next few weeks: keep scrolling down to see the full list.

First, the FGN is joining forces with controversial “social landlords” Poplar HARCA and East End Homes as well as Leaders in Community to hold a Summer Gathering over lunchtime on Wednesday, 24th May. There will be a range of activities dealing with growing and cooking food as well as plenty of time to network with other food growers. The event will be held at the Limborough Green Community Garden.


Second, the Network is promoting a Clothes Swap event it is holding in the evening of Thursday, 25th May. Not only will members of the public be able to bring in unwanted clothes and swap them for clothes brought in by other people, there will also be a vegan café. There is a £2 admission fee to raise money for the Women’s Environmental Network, which will also be running a raffle.

clothes swap

The event is being held in The Cabin – a small venue at the foot of Balfron Tower in St Leonard’s Road E14. This immense block of flats used to house a host of families living at social rents, but it is now being refurbished to create flats for sale at market prices. Those at the event will be able to have a quick marvel at this huge public resource before it is transferred over to wealthy individuals and profiteering private landlords.

Balfron is one of the earliest tower blocks in Tower Hamlets to be transferred, but not the first collection of public assets in “Harcaland” to be sold off. Poplar Harca was set up by Tower Hamlets Council as a social landlord which would also regenerate the area. It has already been departing from its brief by, last year, selling off 50 of its homes by auction. It seems there is no legislation or contractual agreement which can stop this “social landlord” asset stripping the public assets entrusted to its care.

The Women’s Environmental Network is planning to publish a brochure of community gardening and food growing groups. For more information, email [email protected].

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