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Hackney’s Diane returns with clean bill of health

HACKNEY MP Diane Abbott has returned to the Labour front bench following a brief period of sick leave during the General Election.

Diane was pilloried in the press for having fluffed a couple of interviews during the General Election campaign. The anti-Labour press piled in with their criticisms and derision. They backed off after the election, when it was revealed that Diane had been living with type two diabetes for two years.

It is quite possible to live with diabetes, and the fact that Diane had not made her diagnosis public is proof of that. However, during the General Election campaign she was working so hard that she didn’t have time to eat – and became confused.

It is interesting that none of the anti-Labour press stopped to ask why the fluffed interview was so different from the others she had given that morning but just concentrated of making fun of Diane. Their bullying attitude has been commented on by many commentators – none better than Jack Monroe, who wrote on her cookery blog* an absolutely brilliant invective full of illuminating and justifiable anger at their various prejudices.

Still, much of the anti-Labour press has egg on its face and is grimly admitting that the Labour Leader ran a good campaign. Diane is now back, bringing her campaigning experience to the post of Shadow Home Secretary and thence to the Labour campaign. And Diane’s own electorate in Hackney North & Stoke Newington sent her back to the House of Commons with one of the highest shares of the vote and biggest majorities in the country. A little bit of justice has been done.

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