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Have a walk with TfL

MOST OF US IN London use the wheeled transport which Transport for London (TfL) provides: buses, Tubes and trains. However, Tfl is now reminding us that on 20th and 21st May they will be running a number of recreational walks which Londoners and visitors can enjoy.

There are 40 guided walks to choose from, ranging from challenging treks to short strolls – so there should be something for everyone. The offer includes tried and tested favourites which look at London’s green spaces, famous landmarks and secret spots. New this year are the Coffee House Tour (including coffee tasting stops to illustrate your guide’s talk as well as revive your legs!) and a walk exploring the history of the Great Fire of London.

Some of the walks are well suited to younger residents. Animal I-Spy in the City is aimed at children aged 4-7, while older children might be interested in “Scenes on Screen: Film and TV in London” or “The Spooky City: Ghosts, Body Snatchers and Public Executions”.

TfL reminds us that walking for just ten minutes twice a day can improve our health and wellbeing. Make a start with one of these walks – or get into training now and reward yourself with a TfL walk in three weeks time.

For more information about TfL’s walking weekend, go to:

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