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David Duckenfield
David Duckenfield

Hillsborough cops to be charged

FOLLOWING A public inquiry into the Hillsborough disaster, it has been revealed that six police officers are to be prosecuted.

Most significantly, David Duckenfield, who was a Chief Superintendent at the time and was in charge of police operations on the day, is to be charged with manslaughter by gross negligence of 95 football fans.

In addition, fellow South Yorkshire police officer, former Chief Inspector Norman Bettison, faces charges over alleged lies told after the incident.

The disaster happened at an FA Cup semi-final in 1989, when Liverpool and Nottingham Forest football clubs were to play at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough stadium – which was chosen as a neutral venue. Police rushed fans into the ground as the game was due to start – leading to a virtual stampede which saw fans at the front of the terraces being crushed. Ninety-six Liverpool fansdied and many more were injured.

The families of those who died have long campaigned for the truth about police operations that day to be told. This announcement brings them one more step nearer to obtaining justice.

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