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It’s time to #WalkTheMet

LONDON MPs and Members of the Greater London Assembly (GLA) are being given the change to get back in touch with the streets of the capital as the Metropolitan Police have invited elected representatives to join police officers out on the beat.

Christmas and New Year combine to make the end of the calendar years one of the Metropolitan Police’s busiest times. The 40 MPs and AMs who took up the invitation should have had a great deal to see as they accompanied officers going about their duties.

Ed Stearns, the Met’s Acting Director of Media and Communication, said, “It’s great that so many politicians are walking the streets with local police officers, getting a real feel about what policing London is about. We first did this last year and the feedback from both officers and politicians was fantastic. It is a chance to provide an insight into policing and really get that connection between those elected to represent a community and the officers policing the streets.

“At Christmas, officers and staff continue to work around the clock and protect London whilst people are enjoying their festivities, so we hope this helps highlight the challenges our officers face and their year-round dedication.

“As we enter the very busy Christmas period, when London is full of tourists, Christmas shoppers, and festivities, it is fantastic to see MPs and Assembly Members taking some time to join our officers out on the street, helping to highlight the challenges they face as they work their socks off for all Londoners.”

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