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LB24TV team organise Eid and networking event

Emdad Rahman

The LB24TV team came together at the Blue Moon media centre for a networking event and to highlight the achievements of the internet-on-demand TV station. Shah Yousuf and Mizanur Rahman gave a presentation based on the progress of the internet TV platform and the way it has caught the attention of viewers globally.

lb24 2Shah Yousuf said, “Our success would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of our team. It really is amazing how we have all come together to provide such an excellent service for the community.”

Mizanur Rahman added,”‘On-demand TV is the way forward and we are grateful for the support we have received from viewers across the world. We try to provide content which is suitable for everybody and the overwhelming support we have received has been really encouraging.”

Presenter Hafsa Islam praised the concept of LB24TV. “We are unique because we not only cover big stories but our team are from the community and are often best placed to source, report and highlight stories of interest.”

Birmingham presenter Symi Rahman has been part of an expansion of the station to the Midlands. She said, “I’m really proud of our achievements. What is evident here is that people really care about community matters. There are people with different mindsets and theologies who have all come together as one. In my book that is our biggest success.”

LB24TV Yorkshire presenter Mushtaq Tufail concluded, “It’s great to meet the team. We have travelled a fair distance to London for this event and it has been terrific meeting my colleagues and sharing ideas. This is quite a unique team. I am sure we will go on to achieve great things together.”

LB24 TV is an online TV Network operating from the UK. Shows are available whenever and wherever you are.

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