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Leftley Sports Club open throughout winter

Emdad Rahman

The newly formed Leftley Sports Club is open for business as usual and will continue to provide fun filled sports activities throughout the winter months.

Leftley Sports Club (LSC) Chair Muhammed Ali said, “Sport is one of the best ways to beat the winter blues. This is particularly a time of year when a lot of people within our community can become isolated and lonely. It is therefore even more important that we use our sports activities to relate to and engage with everyone. Just like most sports organisations, Leftley Sports Club will be open for business as usual throughout the season.”

The LSC regular Saturday morning talk, walk and jog sessions take place at 10.30 am.

The cycling sessions take place every Sunday at the same time, along with “Dads & Lads” football. The meeting point is by the Clare Garden/The Drive Gate to Mayesbrook Park.

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For more information about fun sporting activities, email:
[email protected]

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