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London Islamic School are winners!

THE TRANSPORT FOR LONDON (TfL) “School of excellence pupil-led project award 2017” was handed to the London Islamic School at City Hall last week. The presentation was made by Dr Will Norman, the London Mayor’s Walking & Cycling Commissioner.

The awards ceremony celebrated the success of various London schools which had come up with projects to reduce car use and increase journeys made by walking, cycling and public transport. Some 1,500 schools had entered this year, with bronze, silver and gold awards going to the best performances.

The Tower Hamlets based London Islamic School received a silver accreditation for its work, as well as the School of Excellence award. It was one of three schools whose pupils were chosen to deliver a presentation to the award ceremony audience.

Pupils have been working on the project for two years, led by Mohammed Yaswer, Head of Citizenship in the school. The first step was to set up a Youth Travel Ambassadors (YTA) team of students: Hanif Hussain (Team Leader), Yamin Yusuf (Assistant Team Leader), Mizanur Rahman (Project Manager), Musab Dayah Ali (Finance/Marketing), Waseem Nawaz and Abdul-Muhsin Muadth (Data Analysts). Between them they worked on a number of projects to promote sustainable travel. They undertook consultations an research projects and spread awareness of the issues. their work was funded by TfL.

An overwhelmed Mohammed Yaser said, “I’m extremely proud of the boys in the YTA team. They have worked with immense dedication and commitment to get to where we are right now. I did not anticipate that the boys would be able to build a project of this nature from scratch to promote active travel not only for our students, but we can now proudly say for the whole community.

“It was only a few weeks ago the boys were recognised by winning the Team London Environment and Healthy Living Award 2017 for outstanding contribution to volunteering and to top it off we have not only achieved silver accreditation, but been labelled a school of excellence. I pray that they are able to take the transferable skills from these experiences to be socially active and making positive differences to the lives of people around the world.”

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