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Nasar Ahmed, seen here fighting for his life, sadly died shortly after being admitted to hospital.
Nasar Ahmed, seen here fighting for his life, sadly died shortly after being admitted to hospital.

Nasar loses fight for life

This evening, the sad news was released that Nasar Ahmed lost his fight for life and passed away at 5.30pm today in the Royal London Hospital. We send our condolences to his family and friends.

To read our original story about the circumstances which led to the Bow School pupil being taken to hospital, go to:

Our original story includes a statement which was available earlier today on the Bow School website. By this evening, the statement had been replaced with a shorter version.  No reason for the change has been given.

Sudden illness of a student at Bow School, Thursday 10th November 2016

One of our pupils was taken ill at school last Thursday and is now seriously unwell in hospital.

The whole school community sends our thoughts and prayers to him, and to his family

We have offered support to the family, his fellow pupils and teachers at this very difficult time.

Cath Smith
Executive Headteacher
Bow School




  1. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi Raji’un.
    Wish the family all the best.

    if the story is true i hope the authorities do what they need to do and don’t fail the family again.

    Dear Nasar i hope Allah grant you with Paradise.

  2. My request give long life prison to deputy head teacher he is responsible for his death nasar beg to head teacher he is not well and he said sorry the head teacher is not human he his bustered and bow school teachers is resism my son went to this school 2006 2007 all of teachers reacist

  3. In the United States we are banning the use of seclusion for special needs & disabled students die to the effect of what it does.
    If their staff isn’t capable of handling their needs properly they should be in charge of them.
    Patience is key…
    Was his life worth a trashcan ( bin) ?

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