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New year but same issues for London’s homeless

Emdad Rahman

WE FORGOT OUR BANNER today at the One Third Soup Kitchen and could have sold all the food we had in stock today.

The aroma emanating from the delicious birianis made by Shahela, Moinur, Adam and the family had an instant effect on tourists and visitors to Stratford Westfield.

We were approached by several members of the public wishing to purchase a portion of piping hot biriani. As we had no sign up, they assumed we were street vendors and the food was for sale.

I decided to make a hand written sign on leftover corrugated cardboard. It did the trick and we were generally able to serve homeless friends with ease.

Young Adam was a revelation – distributing food, water, fruit with napkins and spoons all at once and he did us really proud tonight. Adam is a vlogger and we are really looking forward to seeing him in action in the future.

Overall a lot if familiar faces were not around tonight, but we made plenty new friends.

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