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One Third Soup Kitchen: Befriending the homeless

Emdad Rahman

This week we had a special guest as Tom Parmenter from Sky News joined us at the soup kitchen at Stratford City.

Apparently Owen Smith thinks he could eradicate homelessness within five years if he was to come to power. In my humble opinion these five minutes in the limelight career politicians should act more responsibly and stop making outlandish claims – especially at the expense of some of our most vulnerable fellow citizens.

Stevie was in floods of tears tonight. He kept saying, “I’m so embarrassed.” It took us a few minutes to calm him down as he had worked himself into a right state.

Amanda gave an interview to Tom and Billy snapped the snapper (see pic). There were plenty of new faces today – that is modern day London for you. Each one was a happy customer as the chicken and lentil soup with pitta bread went down a total treat.

We will be on Sky News tomorrow morning. If you’d like to help with a dish or join us on a shift then please get in touch with me on Twitter: @emdad07



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