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Rashan Charles: IPCC investigate police officer

RASHAN CHARLES died on 22nd July after police followed him into a corner shop in Hackney and restrained him. The shop CCTV captured Charles being restrained: there are allegations that he swallowed a substance and that the police officer restrained him with undue force.

The death led to protests in Hackney – ones involving the family were peaceful; others were not. The death also led to an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

In September the IPCC announced that they have formally notified the police officer who restrained Charles that he is being investigated for gross misconduct. They are investigating whether he breached standards of professional behaviour in terms of how he restrained Charles and how he responded to Charles’s need for emergency medical treatment.

The officer is being investigated for possible gross misconduct – but he has not been charged and the formal announcement that this is being investigated does not mean that charges of gross misconduct will definitely be brought.

For its part, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has formally confirmed that it is aware of the notice which the IPCC has given The MPS has expressed its wish that the investigation establishes the facts of what happened as quickly as possible and also confirmed that no police officer is, or wishes to be, above the law. It has also reiterated its sympathy for the family of Mr Charles.

The MPS will now consider whether there should be any restrictions on the police officer who is being investigated.

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