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Sonali Othith finalise Sylhet Upazila Cup plans

Emdad Rahman

SONALI OTHITH have finalised plans for the Greater Sylhet Upazila Cup, which takes place at the end of July. The celebrated Sylhet District football carnival has become one of the most popular veterans football tournaments in the Bangladeshi community.

Chair Jamal Uddin said, “Once again we begin preparations for this prestigious football get-together. I request the support of all the teams and administrators in enabling us to once again deliver a smooth and fair football tournament.”

A controversial rule change will allow players to return to their team of origin – as opposed to the previously rue requiring players to join teams from their maternal grandmother’s side or teams from locations to which their family has moved.

Some players have also abused the rule, and stringent checks are in place. Any player who represents a team to which they are not correctly affiliated will face a one year ban, and their team will be deducted three points in the following tournament.

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