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Henry Bolton - UKIP Leader (for now)
Henry Bolton - UKIP Leader (for now)

UKIP bosses “no confidence” in Leader

UKIP Leader Henry Bolton has lost a vote of no confidence at a meeting of UKIP’s ruling body. The vote was taken because Mr Bolton’s girlfriend had tweeted a series of offensive messages. Mr Bolton has since ended the relationship.

Bolton has said he will not stand down as Leader – on the grounds that he thinks the Party would not survive having to hold yet another leadership contest. Although the vote of no confidence in the most recently elected Leader was passed unanimously, the ruling committee cannot force the Leader to resign.

Mr Bolton’s decision to remain as Leader will probably ignite a further round of infighting in UKIP – but it is likely to come as a relief to Nigel Farage, who would have come under pressure to take over as caretaker leader yet again while UKIP tried to find a permanent leader.

However, now that the ruling committee has passed the no confidence vote, there will have to be an emergency meeting of party members, who will be asked to endorse or reject the no confidence vote.

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