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Violent Hackney robber jailed

AFTER A three month spree of robbery and violence across Hackney, which included threatening children, Marvin Melvin-Browne is beginning a six year prison sentence.  

Melvin-Browne committed robberies and attempted robberies between 14th November 2016 and 21st January 2017. He used threats to intimidate those he was robbing, saying he would stab or shoot them. His victims were aged between 11 and 41 years.

Melvin-Browne was arrested after detectives from Hackney CID realised there was a pattern of offences and launched an investigation. Fortunately they found an amount of evidence on CCTV and the community came forward, assisting with a number of witness statements.

Eventually police had enough evidence to arrest Melvin-Browne on 25th January, when he visited his family in Hackney, E5. He was kept in custody, and charged on 3rd February. A number of identity parades were held, in which several victims identified Melvin-Browne as their attacker. DI Paul Ridley of Hackney CI paid tribute to the courage of the victims for helping the police.

Before sentencing Melvin-Browne, the Court heard that he had previously been convicted of robbery in 2001 and two counts of attempted robbery in 2002. He had been sentenced to 30 months in prison for a further robbery committed in 2008.

The Court also hear an emotional impact statement by a 17 year old boy who had been robbed twice by Melvin-Browne. The young man described how he is still suffering from the trauma of the robbery. He doesn’t feel safe and doesn’t like to go out. He cannot afford to replace his phone, stolen during the robbery, so he can’t keep in touch with his mother when he is out.

Melvin-Browne, 30, is of no fixed abode. He appeared at Wood Green Crown Court on Friday, 12th May, where he pleaded guilty to seven robberies and four counts of attempted robbery. He was sentenced at the same Court on Friday, 9th June to six years in prison, with a three year extended licence.

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