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Allery alert: Asda recalls dauphinoise potatoes

SOME BATCHES of Asda own brand Dauphinoise Potatoes have been found to contain cauliflower cheese. The potato dish does not usually contain gluten – but the cauliflower cheese does.

As a result of the error, there is no mention on the packet that the dish contains wheat and gluten, substances to which a significant number of people are allergic. In extreme cases, the allergic reaction triggered by gluten can be very serious.

Some people have an intolerance to gluten. The consequences of consuming it are usually less serious that in the case of those with a full allergy, but gluten can still cause unpleasant symptoms.

Asda believes that the problem arose when a supplier put cauliflower cheese in packs which should have been filled with dauphinoise potatoes and has apologised to the public. While the apology is welcome, shoppers will now be wondering why Asda did not check that there were system in place at the supplier’s premises to stop problems like this happening – and whether any other “supplier errors” could occur.

Because of the potentially serious consequences to anyone with an allergy eating the potato dish, Asda has recalled the product. It is advertising the recall in store and with the assistance of allergy support organisations.

The affected product is the 375gm size of Asda Dauphinoise Potatoes which is marked as best before 28th March 2020. The pack costs £1.50 and the barcode is 5054781724490.

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