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A dynamic new organisation which aims to support female entrepreneurs was launched on 26th June 2013 at the House of Lords

Bangladeshi women entrepreneurs make their mark

Bdeshi women entrepreneurs

A dynamic new organisation which aims to support female entrepreneurs was launched on 26th June 2013 at the House of Lords in Westminster. The British Bangladesh Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs (BBCWE) is a not-for-profit organisation formed to provide support and guidance at all levels for British-Bangladeshi women who want to start a business or need additional or specialist expertise to develop their current enterprise.

BBCWE aims to facilitate skills training, financial and business knowledge development and best practice sharing to business women and entrepreneurs.

Another key objective of the organisation is to be a strong campaigning body for female entrepreneurs and an effective policy-influencing organisation. The Board also aims to share and celebrate success stories of female entrepreneurs and engage with them and their communities to learn and share their talent.

In order to deliver these aims and objectives, the BBCWE will work in partnership with local, national and global organisations to enhance, empower and advocate on issues affecting female entrepreneurs.

The organisation has already managed to secure support at the highest levels.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “I would like to wish the British Bangladesh Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs the very best of luck with their exciting new venture. I hope that it will not only encourage British Bangladeshi women to start their own businesses but also highlight the immeasurable contribution that London women make to our capital.

“I believe entrepreneurship will not only help strengthen our economy but empower women and help them contribute further to society. I hope the BBCWE helps to instil confidence in the next generation of Bangladeshi entrepreneurial women and create a platform for the development of new relationships and collaborations.”

Lutfur Rahman, Executive Mayor of London Borough of Tower Hamlets, said: “I am delighted to support the British Bangladesh Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs. I admire their vision to promote and empower women in business and entrepreneurship and to be a world class business network working globally and putting across women entrepreneurs issues on the business agenda and the global map.

“I believe this initiative will inspire women to enter into business and become more independent. It will provide the opportunity for women to excel in business and learn new skills which will enable them to create broader links and further their careers. Celebrating the success of female entrepreneurs is important in our community and I am pleased to see women from all across the board establishing such an admirable project. I wish them all the very best with all future endeavours.”

Dilara Khan, President of BBCWE, said: “I have great pleasure in launching the British Bangladesh Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs (BBCWE).  Our objective is to provide support at all levels for British and Bangladeshi women who want to start businesses and to ensure they have the skills, knowledge and financial links to run a successful business. We will work closely with women and encourage them to move forward with innovative ideas, actively share and celebrate their success stories and engage with women and their communities to learn from them.

“I look forward to working with the Board of Directors. They are very experienced and professional individuals who bring to the organisation expertise, diversity and immense commitment.  I hope everyone’s support will enable us to break all barriers to women entering business.  I am hopeful together we will create the British Bangladeshi business leaders of the future.”

The event was hosted by Baroness Pola Manzila Uddin who is also an Honourable Patron of the BBCWE. Speakers at the event, which was attended by noted members of the business and political community as well as members of the British and Bangladeshi communities,  included Rushanara Ali MP, Syed Kamall MEP, Anne Main MP and former British High Commissioner to Bangladesh Anwar Choudhury.

For further information about the BBCWE and to view the full profiles of the Board of Directors and Honourable Patrons, visit: www.bbcwe.com.

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