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Revellers throw fresh raspberries and powder paint to celebrate the launch of Kopparberg Raspberry, at Vibe Bar in East London

Blowing raspberries in Brick Lane

If you were in or about Brick Lane’s Vibe Bar on 5th May, you may have caught sight or scent of a crowd of young revellers blowing raspberries – all over the place. The happy dozens were celebrating the permanent return of Kopparberg Raspberry. Originally a short-term treat last summer, the raspberry flavour tipple was so popular that drinks company Kopparberg has been persuaded to add it permanently to the range of fruit ciders.

The ciders originate from a modest brewery tucked away in the Swedish countryside, in the small town of Kopparberg. Built back in 1882, the Kopparberg Bryggeri remains an independent business owned by the Bronsman family, with its traditional red timber falu walls. It uses a rare, bubbling source of soft water from the town as the perfect ingredient in deliciously refreshing fruit ciders.

Hence the excitement when Raspberry made its formal return at a bank holiday party in Brick Lane’s Vibe Bar. The party – which drew inspiration from the renowned La Tomatina festival in Valencia and Holi, the global Hindu celebration – saw revellers immersed in a monsoon of raspberry powder paint and fresh raspberries as they soaked up the Bank Holiday sunshine to the sounds of “Make a Move” hit maker DJ Joey Negro.

Tasked with “becoming raspberry”, fans of Kopparberg were provided with fresh raspberries and bright powder paints before being set loose to unleash as much raspberry colour and aroma as possible in celebration of the bursting, fruity flavour of Kopparberg Raspberry.

Kopparberg Raspberry Rumble participant, Harriet Little, from South London said: “The rumble was so much fun – it was the perfect way to end the sunny bank holiday! I think I’m going to smell and taste of raspberries for the rest of the week!”

The Kopparberg Cider range now includes five foundation variants – Mixed Fruit, Pear, Strawberry & Lime, Naked Apple and Raspberry – as well as an eclectics range including Elderflower & Lime and Cloudberry. Kopparberg ciders are available in selected Tesco and ASDA stores and some convenience stores and selected pubs.


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