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Twits on Thursday (5)

Donald Trump tells the public he objects to Pope Francis questioning his Christianity and generally has a rant about the Pope daring to question his political beliefs. In his own words… as broadcast by Right Side Broadcasting.     [Adverts]  

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Worries on Wednesday (3)

Singer and actor Olly Alexander bravely takes us through his story of exploring his identity and learning how to live with his mental health issues. This is one for teenagers and parents alike.   [Adverts]

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Sounds on Sunday (3)

Alleviate that Sunday feeling (done your homework? got clean socks for work tomorrow? will the milk last till morning?) with a fantasy about what it would be like if, instead of conforming to everyone else’s norms, you could rule the ...

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Twits on Thursday (4)

Hazel Blears first became an MP in the Labour landslide of 1997. She served in Tony Blair’s Government and he also appointed her Labour Party Chair. She served in Gordon Brown’s Government, having stood in the election to  find his Deputy Leader – ...

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Sounds on Sunday (2)

Continuing to mark the 40th anniversary of the last 10cc album (original line-up), here’s the second track: Lazy Ways. Drift back to the 70s, enjoy the rhyme and let the Caribbean undertones make you think of summer… just don’t try this ...

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Stories on Saturday (2)

Can YOU explain quantum mechanics in 60 seconds? No? Better listen to Professor Brian Cox giving just a hint of what mind-bending possibilities it creates for scientists…   [Adverts]

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