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Coalition resists post-Corona war drive

THE PANDEMIC is not over – and as countries struggle to cope with the situation at home, there are worrying signs that the US, and perhaps some allies, may respond to the pressure with bellicose statements.

The Stop the War Coalition has responded by organising two events to help build the pressure against war – and to contribute to the growing grassroots movement for peace, justice and equality.

•War, Coronavirus and Empire
Arundhati Roy and Jeremy Corbyn in conversation
12 noon, 6th June
Register here

War and the Climate crisis
A discussion on what young people can do to campaign against war and for a revolution in environmental policies.
6pm, 13th June
Register here

If you are looking for a practical way to help the cause, the Coalition is advertising a “Cut Warfare not Healthcare” placard, which you can download here and then display in your window:

The Coalition website also has a number of news articles about the issue of war in the world today, including:
Trump’s Nuclear Brinkmanship keeps backfiring
Starmer’s Challenge to Anti-War Politics
War and the Climate Crisis
The legacy of the NATO intervention lives on in Libya
To read these articles or find out more about the Stop the War Coalition, go to:
STW Coalition

•Read more about it:
Corona crisis: solidarity with Gaza
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