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East London Mosque provides Ramadan timetable

WITH JUST A WEEK to go until Ramadan begins, the community is busy making preparations – and wondering what a Ramadan under lockdown will look like.

The East London Mosque has, as usual, produced a timetable for the month. However, this year the timetable will not be printed but only available from the East London Mosque website. There are two options to choose from: a larger pdf file with full detail and a simplified jpg file which is suitable to use as wallpaper on your phone.

It is thought that Ramadan will begin on Friday, 24th April. Iftar will be at around 8.15pm at the start of the month, growing later by one or two minutes a day as the month progresses. Eid is anticipated as being on Saturday, 30th May. This date falls at the end of what was planned, at the start of the year, as being the Summer Term half-term week. However, it is not clear if the set term dates will still be observed when the lockdown ends.

Sponsors of the East London Mosque Ramadan timetable this year include Eden Care, Muslim Aid, Sahara, GRT, the penny appeal, Syria Relief, Human Relief Foundation, Human Appeal and Muntada Aid. The Mosque is also asking for donations to cover their costs.

To download the Ramadan timetable and/or to make a donation, go to:

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