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Goodbye Sarajevo

Sarajevo blog: Day 4
Emdad Rahman

WE TOOK PART in a seminar with local youth leaders today, and each member of our delegation was invited to talk of their experience and advise the hosts on collaborative social care projects to support those in need.

Suggestions included student exchange visits, training seminars, expanding the cow project, participating in sports events, delivering football, cricket camps and developing and mentoring community leaders.

In terms of leadership, we addressed the impact of the recently deceased Nabeel Azami, a gentleman I never had the good fortune to meet in person but whose selfless resolve and resolution to engage and empower communities through extolling the great virtues of leadership is unheralded.

He was mentored by Professor John Adair, who served as an inspiration to Azami’s legacy and gift in the form of his book, Muhammad (s): 11 Leadership Qualities that Changed the World.

During his life Azami had spent time with various faculties and community organisers, workers and activists to advise and counsel on important matters of leadership and aspirations. His delivery was of the highest order – be it international or domestic.

It is befitting that the people of Bosnia remember him with such genuine affection. Even though most of our team had never met him, we were in no doubt of the love and respect his memories continue to provoke among those who met him even for a fleeting moment.

After breakfast we visited the outskirts of Sarajevo, where we spent two hours doing what we do best… Abdal and myself delivered some coaching to young people before playing two games: one with the kids and then one the adults. Needless to say my superior coaching pedigree shone through. For the rest of the details I’ll let the readers let their imaginations run riot.

After the conclusion of the football camp we wrapped things up with the distribution of sweets and boot bags gifted by the London Enterprise Academy, Tower Hamlets, before heading straight to the airport and home. I’ve just completed this blog after checking in.

The patience and determination of the people of Bosnia in rising from the ashes is testament to their qualities and resilience, and we must never forget what they have been through. Even more importantly, we must do our utmost as global citizens to stand up against hate and challenge it with all our might. For if we don’t speak for them, who will speak for us?

Today may be our last day here, but I’m pretty sure we shall be back to reunite with our friends and create new ones. I hope my friends and family will continue to support us with these endeavours and be a major part of my future adventures.

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