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These poems were written at a workshop which was part of the Shanghati Literary Society Project’s Community Literature Festival 2015. A group of learners of varying ages and abilities met to see what poems they could write in half an hour – which had to be reduced to 20 minutes (a point taken up in the second poem, below).

I make no apology…
Sam Shakes

I make no apology…
For being straight,
For being honest,
And not a fake.

I make no apology…
For who I am,
Or what I say.
I don’t give a damn.

I make no apology…
For myself and others,
Who energetically disclose –
What others may cover.

I make no apology…
I am who I am,
And ignorance may be part –
Of my confident stand.

I make no apology…
For my feelings are true,
And I will not hide them
For the worse of you.

I make no apology…
But feel quite sad
That hostility is the reaction –
Can the truth be that bad?

I make no apology…
To lost friends along the way,
When I expose the truth –
And they silently walk away.

I make no apology…
For it is your fears,
That evoke defensive behaviour –
At the truth that you hear.

I make no apology…
For authenticity is tough,
And, I understand, honesty with oneself –
Is extremely rough.

I make no apology…
But of the tone I use,
Which may offend –
The severely abused.

I make no apology…
For being a friend,
I wish I had someone –
Upon whom to depend.



by Resty Mulemwa

Came in as an amateur
Slowly, but surely, bripped the tips
Guess what? I will get it.


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