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Is the US still a global threat?

PEOPLE ACROSS the world are cheering the departure from office of Donald Trump – hoping that his exit will make the world a safer place. Less often discussed is whether Joe Biden will bring a different approach to the White House.

The Stop the War Coalition is making an early contribution to that developing discussion by hosting a meeting between Jeremy Corbyn and Tariq Ali. The two experienced campaigners will consider how US foreign policy will change next year, when Biden takes office – and what consequences there will be for the UK.

Foreign Policy after the US Election
With Jeremy Corbyn and Tariq Ali
Hosted by the Stop the War Coalition
6.30pm, 30th November 2020

The meeting comes as Biden begins to announce the team who will run his Administration – and they don’t look like a progressive bunch. It also takes place just after Boris Johnson has announced a huge increase in military spending – pretty much paid for by a cut in overseas aid. It’s never easy to tell what lies behind Boris’s decisions, but this one seems to be inspired by a desire to boost the failing UK economy while also appeasing the Tory right.

The global pandemic has reminded us how connected the people of the world are. We need to keep an eye on developments in the US – and these are just the two speakers to help us do that.

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Foreign Policy after the US

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