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Jamiatul Ummah School & Sixth Form College has achieved Outstanding Status in the recent Ofsted Inspection.

Jamiatul Ummah Outstanding Report

Jamiatul Ummah School & Sixth Form College has achieved Outstanding Status in the recent Ofsted (The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) Inspection. Jamiatul Ummah is the first of its kind to achieve this exceptional Outstanding status.

Ofsted says: “Jamiatul Ummah provides an outstanding quality of education. Students make outstanding progress and achieve very highly, because they are taught outstandingly well. Students’ behaviour is excellent and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding. The school meets its aims exceptionally well and parents and students express a high level of satisfaction with the school’s work. Safeguarding procedures are sound.”

Ofsted praised about the School’s management & broad subjects by saying: “The policies, planning and management of the curriculum are well developed and ensure that students receive a well-balanced and suitably broad spectrum of studies.” While Ofsted praised Jamiatul Ummah for vast range of curriculum activities, it is also said that Jamiatul Ummah is lacking in Art lessons which in turn “misses some opportunities to explore the rich artistic heritage of the Islamic world” Chairman AK Moudood Hasan was delighted about the “Outstanding Status” and showed his gratitude to all the community people, staff, students and everyone who have been supporting this project since the very beginning.

He said: “Alhamdulillah our school Jamiatul Ummah achieved an outstanding report from Ofsted. When we established our school more than a decade ago we dreamed that one day we would achieve excellent results, through hard work and commitment. It has been a success in our community, and also the success of our teachers, students and parents who are contributing constantly for the progress of Jamiatul Ummah. My thanks to all especially our community who are supporting wholeheartedly. Education is the back bone of a nation and it should get the most priority. We believe that our children have the ability and talent to achieve the highest if they are looked after well and receive the support they need. Our boys enter many of the best universities and will be successful in the near future, inshAllah. We feel our children are special in terms of spirituality, morality and achievement that will place them a special responsibility in our community. We urge your Dua and support all the time. Jamiatul Ummah should expand in the future, because of the huge demand they are facing. Therefore we need new and adequate accommodation and hope every body will help us for our Development project.”

Despite having adequate heating, lighting, ventilation and flooring in the existing building Ofsted wasn’t very happy about the conditions of the premises. It said in the report: “However, with crumbling plasterwork and a wide range of age-related dilapidation, the school is in poor decorative order. There are plans to replace the building with an 11-storey centre that would considerably enhance the facilities available to students and the wider community. This is presently being negotiated with the relevant conservation and planning authorities.” The Ofsted report echoing the comment of the Chair Moudood Hasan that Jamiatul Ummah needs new, modern, adequate accommodation in order to meet the increasing demand of the school & community services from the communities all over the UK .

Since its establishment in 1997, Jamiatul Ummah, an independent secondary boys school based in Darul Ummah, 56 Bigland Street, London E1 2ND, has been performing very well in the GCSE exams; coming second in the Tower Hamlets in the recent GCSE results (93% GCSE). The school was established for a vision to expand knowledge in one of the most deprived ward Shadwell in Tower Hamlets. This dream was seen by the parent organisation Da’watul Islam UK & Eire – a leading Muslim Charity Organisation, which serves the local community as well as the wider communities in UK. After receiving huge demand for Sixth Form from the community, Jamiatul Ummah opened its Sixth Form in 2008. Currently there are more than 180 students studying in the school which incorporates with state-of-the-art ICT & Science Labs, library, digital boards.

Jamiatul Ummah prides itself to have qualified teachers among them few have already completed their PhD. Students leaving Jamiatul Ummah has been performing well in their later chapters of their education lives in Universities including Oxford, Imperial College London, Kings College London, Queen Mary. Not only that, students are going to oversees to achieve further education in Islamic Curriculum in Medinah and other renowned institutions.

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