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LEA runs summer school for pupils

Muhi Mikdad

It promises to be an active summer for children and young teens who are studying at the London Enterprise Academy (LEA) as they go along to this year’s Summer School.

Many of the activities are taking place at the Academy in Commercial Road, but venues include the Rope Walk Park (Berner Pitch) and the youngsters can also visit Epping Forest for some serious hiking.

To help them keep fit over the summer break, pupils can choose from a range of team and solo games – table tennis, badminton, football, cricket, hockey, basketball – as well as less common ones such as archery. There are also trips to the Trampoline Park and time to enjoy water sports, mountain biking and walking through a forest.

Sport is not only important for keeping fit. It also helps growing children and teens develop hand-eye co-ordination and social skills such as working as a team and communication skills.

There will also be plenty of time to relax, with trips to the cinema and opportunities to play board games and undertake art projects.

The Summer School is free to all children, not just those who on the roll at the LEA, aged 8-14.  Sessions are held from 10am to 2.30pm and continue until 19th August.

For further information, ring 020-7426 0746.

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