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Mosque teams up with charity to help vulnerable families

Emdad Rahman

THE EAST LONDON MOSQUE teamed up with Islamic Relief UK last month to distribute 500 winter food packs to vulnerable people, struggling financially due to the pandemic.

Many people have been on short time or have lost their jobs altogether, and others, in and out of work, who rely on Universal Credit have seen incomes fall while prices rise fast. They are all now facing great hardship – and their numbers are growing.

The winter food packs contain non-perishable foods and will also be used to support the homeless and refugee families living in local hotels.
Sufia Alam, Head of Programmes and the Maryam Centre at the East London Mosque, said, “As many vulnerable families struggle in the cold of winter, it’s important we reach out to all those in need in our communities. People have given Sadaqah (charity) generously to help those most in need and it’s heartening to see this provide so many winter food packs.”

Tufail Hussain, Director of Islamic Relief UK said, “[The recent] Joseph Rowntree Foundation report shows 1.8 million children growing up in very deep poverty, even before the pandemic. This is deeply concerning and further highlights the crucial role played by food banks around the country. Poverty in the UK is speeding up at an alarming rate and an increasing number of families are now relying on support from charities.

“East London Mosque has a long history of helping families in desperate need in London. We are proud to be working with them to deliver food parcels to some of the most vulnerable, including the homeless. In these winter months, this will be much needed relief. The mosque is a vital and strong support for the community and places a huge emphasis on one of the most important pillars of Islam, charity and helping those in need.”

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