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New at the Proud Archivist

The Proud Archivist (PA) is a multi-purpose venue on the western fringe of East London but very reachable from our area. As well as serving as a café and bar, it also provides a gallery and a venue for music and many other events.

On 30th October, at 7.30pm, October the PA is hosting a new over-18s game show to mark Hallowe’en at the end of the month. It’s a game show “set in hell, in exquisite bad taste” and which will be hosted by the Devil – and will run alongside stand-up from Alexander Bennett.
You can by Super Saver tickets on: https://billetto.co.uk/hell2play

On 4th November, at 7.30pm, a new “night” starts: The Draft, which will involve hosts David Mills & Jonathan Hearn grilling comedians who are trying out new material.
You can book tickets, £8 in advance, on: https://billetto.co.uk/the-draft

The Proud Archivist is in UnitsW, X & Y of RelianceWharf, 2-10 HertfordRoad, London N1 5ET.
Its website gives detailed routes for wheelchair users to access the venue.
For more information, to go: :www.theproudarchivist.co.uk

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