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Are businesses in Tower Hamlets protecting themselves from online fraud?

Police help SMEs to become fraud aware

LONDON’S SMALL BUSINESSES are increasingly being targeted by online criminals who are trying to exploit weaknesses in their IT systems. Now the Metropolitan Police are trying to help those businesses protect themselves.

The London Mayor and Metropolitan Police set up a joint operation – the London Digital Security Centre (DSC) to focus operations against this kind of crime back in 2015.

The DSC has been assisted by the City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, which has a record of which businesses have reported incidents of real or attempted online crime. Over the last year, reported incidents have included hacking of company websites or social media accounts as well as attempted fraud and extortion.

The collaboration has led to the DSC being able to communicate with businesses which have found that they are vulnerable – most recently, inviting businesses to a seminar on key areas of digital security on 5th July, for example.

The DSC has also been able to assist the Metropolitan Police Falcon Coammand, which has been working to make businesses more aware of cyber threats – and how to safeguard their business.

John Unsworth, Chief Executive for the London Digital Security Centre, explained that the DSC believes that only a small proportion of online crimes are reported – and he invites more businesses to get in touch with the DSC for advice in how to protect themselves and to deal with these crimes if they do take place.

Businesses which are interested in working with the Met to identify and stop cybercrime, and/or in attending the seminar, should find out more from the DSC website:

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