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Rally to stop cuts to new Whipps Cross Hospital

WHAT A TIME to be cutting the number of hospital beds available in the East End! Who thought of that one? No wonder local health activists are jumping up and down – and holding a Zoom meeting tomorrow to discuss the crisis.

Local health activists were delighted when it was announced that a new Whipps Cross Hospital is to be built to replace what has become an ageing structure. However, delight quickly turned to concern when the details of the plan began to emerge – leaving campaigners doubting that the new hospital would be an adequate replacement for existing services, let alone an improvement.

At a time when the NHS has made its value for money so obvious, local service users are insisting that the new building must deliver. The recent setting up of the Nightingale Hospitals shows that providing health facilities is possible – if you have the political will.  Local MP John Cryer (Leyton & Wanstead), will be joining the meeting to make the case for building once, and well, at Whipps Cross.

Public Zoom Meeting
New Whipps Cross Hospital:
Fight for the hospital we need
Wednesday, 22nd July
8-9.30pm (admission from 7.50pm)
To join the meeting, click on the link:

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