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The Greater Sylhet Cup is back!

Emdad Rahman

THE GREATER SYLHET Upazila Cup – Europe’s premier Bangladeshi football tournament is back.

The football festival returns to Hackney Mabley Green and will feature teams representing the Sylhet region of Bangladesh.

Balagonj and Osmaninagar and then Osmaninagar won the first two tournaments and the current holders are Chattak. The tournament will take place on Sunday 26th August and promises to be the biggest and best yet.

Jallal Miah, Sunamganj player manager, said, “The organisers have provided us with bigger and better tournaments and this promises to be no different. It’s going to be an exciting summer of football and friendly banter.”

Aktar Hussain from Dakshin Surma added, “This unites our community through football. For the next two months the interest in football in our community will rise a notch. It’ll be an entertaining summer. Good luck everyone!”

Sylhet Cup 2

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