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THEO bike patrol leads to conviction

A man who assaulted a Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officer (THEO) has been sentenced by magistrates.  Andrew Laurence Botyville was sentenced to prison for 26 weeks, suspended for 18 months, subject to conditions. He was sentenced following an incident that took place on Cavell Street in Whitechapel during March this year.

Officers were conducting regular bicycle patrols in the Whitechapel area. Mr Botyville, already on an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) which prevented him from drinking alcohol in the borough, appeared to be intoxicated. The officer asked Mr Botyville to surrender his alcohol when he threatened to kill and tried to punch the officer.

Mr Botyville made a second attempt to assault the officer before police arrived. The offender then turned succeeded on his third attempt at assaulting the officer, punching him in the face and chest area. A police unit arrived and Mr Botyville was arrested. Mr Botyville was then charged with threatening behaviour, assault and a breach of ASBO. Mr Botyville was taken to Bow Road Magistrates Court in March, where he pleaded not guilty.

In May, Mr Botyville appeared at Stratford Magistrates Court, where he changed his plea to guilty having witnessed the council’s CCTV footage. Mr Botyville was also found guilty of two similar offences in May and returned to Stratford Magistrates Court to be sentenced. Mr Botyville must now take part in an alcohol treatment programme, attend a Lifeline Basis course and regular appointments with a rehabilitation officer.



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