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Thought for today 19.05.20

WHAT WILL our “new normal” look like? To inform our debate, our “thoughts” this month will feature quotes from iconoclasts who want to see freedom, equality and justice for the many.

Our next “new normal” should learn lessons from those who have already cast off one “old normal” and created a “new normal” with which we currently live.  The economy is one of the key areas we could change – for the better. Although Government has responded to the Pandemic for the moment, workers may end up paying for this response in the longer term. The “market” will come out of this seriously tarnished.

“The dominant economic approach of the last 30 years is now on its last legs. Letting the market rip and an indifference to inequality are now see as important causes of the greatest economic crash since the 1930s.”
Frances O’Grady, General Secretary of the TUC

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