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Tonight: where did Tower Hamlets youth sport go?

THE TUESDAY SHOW tonight will look at the reorganisation of youth sport in Tower Hamlets.  Our special guest is Shuhel Malique: a PE teacher in Tower Hamlets for 18 years; a hockey superstar; and former PE Curriculum Manager for Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation.

Shuhel Malique tells Boris Johnson if he wants to join in the hockey, he’ll have to put his trainers on.

THYSF had great success organising sport across Tower Hamlets – until it received attention from the Executive Mayor John Biggs. The Executive Mayor found fault with the organisation and cut its funding. What happened next?

Are the schools still delivering high quality PE?
Are girls getting a look-in?
Can young people try out minority sports?
What’s happening after school – in the community organisations around Tower Hamlets?
What’s the cost of local facilities?
Is the current set up delivering equal opportunities for all our youngsters?
We’re half way through the school holidays: have our young people enjoyed an excellent service?

Tonight The Tuesday Show will discuss the legacy of that mayoral axe-blow. Join us on the Vodtalk Facebook page – live or on demand.  If you are involved in sport in Tower Hamlets, or with local youth services, or if you work in a neighbouring Borough which does things differently, ring in and share your views.

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