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Peabody: a lost opportunity

East London interiors

Peabody Housing Association was established in 1862 by the US banker and philanthropist, George Peabody. Nowadays their mission is “to ensure that as many people as possible have a good home”. Really? In Tower Hamlets, Peabody has been known as ...

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We are not the “enemy within”!

Above: British citizens wait for the result after engaging in election day - not the “enemy within”.

Two Muslim men sit on a train, minding their own business. A white fellow passenger starts abusing them. “I’ll defeat you,” he says, “whatever it takes.” He goes on. “Jihad bastards” – and a few more similar phrases. “Bring it ...

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Not enough cooks to spoil the broth


Barrister Nazir Ahmed explains why the UK-based Indian catering industry must be saved – for the good of the economy and for the sake of community relations. The UK-based Indian catering industry is a unique and flourishing British industry that ...

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Live from the Council


The meeting ended at 22.46.  Good night. 22.34  Cllr Clare Harrison then moved motion 12.10, which was on the Trade Union Bill currently going through Parliament.  Cllr Saunders seconded the motion.  Both spoke up, as you might expect, for trade union ...

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Sweet scarves at Oxford House


Women who made it to Oxford House on Friday, 9th October were in for a treat, as Malaysia’s premium hijab brand came to the community centre to launch its exclusive scarf range in the UK. The hijab is still a ...

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