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Da’watul Islam elects new President and Executive Council

THE MEMBERSHIP of Da’watul Islam UK & Eire has announced the election of Br. Hasan Mueenuddin as their new President for the Organisational Session 2017/2019.

The election was held on Sunday, 2nd July 2017 at The Darul Ummah – The House of the Community – London.

To serve on the organisation’s Executive Council, members also elected HM Abu Sayeed, Shaykh AK Moudood Hasan, HM Shafiqur Rahman, Mr. Burhan Uddin, Shaykh Muhammad Abdur Rahman Madani, Dr Abul Kalam Azad, Dr. Abdus Salam Azadi, Prof. Farid Ahmed Reza, Mr Khalilur Rahman, Mr Shabbir Ahmad Kawsar, Mr Muhammad Faizul Islam, Ms Mafruha Khatoon and Ms Shahin Akther Rosey.

On being elected, the new President said, “Da’watul Islam – as a faith-based organisation, with its long history of achievements – must continue reaching out to ordinary people more than ever. In these turbulent times, we face an uncertain future. We must break down barriers of division by proactively looking outward. As Muslims, we must not only believe, but demonstrate our faith through positive interaction with others, and be examples to follow.”

He added, “We extend our appreciation and gratitude to the Election Commission for conducting a smooth and transparent process, and I look forward to working with all Members and the newly elected Executive Council.”

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