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Did you witness this local racist assault?

Two men singled out Muslim passengers for attack on a local Tube train last Saturday, 16th January. The following is an eye witness account from one of the victims. Did you see this attack? If so, please contact the police (see below).

“Around 9.30pm, my train stopped at Liverpool Street station, where two middle aged white males boarded the train. As they entered, they pushed a Muslim man and sat right opposite me and my wife. They were drunk and started to use verbal abuse against me. I responded, and the situation was then escalated by one of the males, who stood up and threw a punch which landed on the left side of my face.

“I was grateful to another white male passenger, who intervened and pulled him back, and we exchanged few punches. The first Muslim guy who was pushed joined in by preventing him from assaulting me again. Luckily, he was outnumbered – but still the fight continued until we approached Bethnal Green station. At that point, he tried to attack the white passenger who tried to help me, but I kept on pushing him back.

“Eventually the drunkard calmed down a bit and got on the next train with us and got off at Mile End with us. He started the verbal provocative abuse again and kept on challenging me. Unfortunately I was alone with my wife at this point and had no choice but to run upstairs and alert a member of staff. After discovering that no staff were available, I decided to take the next train to Bow Road station as my wife was crying historically out of fear. Luckily we lost him and we reported the incident to a member of staff at Bow.”

Police are looking for further information and witnesses to the event. If you saw the incident, on the train or at one of the stations, please call Bow East Safer Neighbourhoods Team on 020-8721 2807.



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