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The UK could invest in jobs to meet its climate change obligations.
The UK could invest in jobs to meet its climate change obligations.

Labour backs decent jobs, not fat cats

CLIVE LEWIS MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, has called for the creation of more useful jobs for ordinary people – while condemning business leaders who continue to pay themselves stratospheric salaries.

Lewis was speaking out after The High Pay Centre had published figures on the salaries paid to Chief Executives which showed that just three days in to the New Year, many had already trousered more pay that a worker on an average wage takes home in a whole year. David Cameron had promised that shareholders would be able to curb high salaries, but the former Prime Minister never took any action to implement his promise.

Clive Lewis said, “It is an outrage that, before Christmas trees have even been taken down, chief executives have already earned more in 2017 than most people will earn all year. But despite promising action, the Tories have watered down their promise to give shareholders binding votes on executive pay. Under this Government, these grossly unfair pay patterns look set to continue.”

Mr Lewis contrasted the problems with high pay for the few with the opportunities for the many in environmental work. He highlighted research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) which suggested that small businesses had a large part to play in helping the UK meet its obligations under climate change agreements.

Speaking on behalf of the Labour Party, Clive Lewis said, ““We welcome this important report by the FSB. Their research shows the business opportunities of decarbonising the UK economy, especially for SMEs. Small businesses are a crucial engine of growth across the country, and their contribution to decarbonisation should not be underestimated. Today’s research shows that keeping the lights on and machines running is the number one concern for SMEs. The Tories’ chaotic handling of the Brexit process is risking our energy security and access to the Internal Energy Market which undermines investment, growth and jobs. Labour’s Industrial Strategy will have decarbonisation, energy security and support for SMEs at its heart.”




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