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Coalition’s backing Iran in Corona crisis

COUNTRIES ACROSS the Middle East are suffering in the Coronavirus pandemic – but Iran is arguably the worst hit.  Not only does the country have to fight the virus, it has to do so while struggling with the effects of international  sanctions.

The country has already seen over 4,000 deaths.  That’s enough, says the Stop the War Coalition (STWC) for sanctions to be lifted, or at least suspended, on humanitarian grounds. The country driving the sanctions is the US, and the Coalition is calling on the UK Government to pressure the US to lift the sanctions.

STWC is appealing for funds it can use to run this campaign. It’s aiming to raise £5,000. Thanks to generous donations, the target is close to being reached – but the Coalition is appealing for a final round of donations to reach the total.

The Coalition points out that it is the people of countries under sanctions or riven by war are those who were suffering dreadfully, even before the Coronavirus pandemic began. As well as trying to secure immediate political change to help people now, the Coalition as rededicated itself to opposing wars, sanctions and military interventions in order to stop suffering in the longer term.

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