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Emdad hits halfway on Cycling Down Dementia challenge

Muhammad Hamza

EMDAD RAHMAN has been busy pedalling through the winter. The East Londoner has embarked on his latest adventure to cycle 300 miles for Cycle Down Dementia – a charitable campaign by Alzheimer’s Research UK. 

Emdad recently met Tower Hamlets Speaker Sabina Akhtar, who commented, “I’m really pleased to back Emdad in this wonderful initiative. Dementia has a devastating impact on our community and it’s hugely important that we all contribute towards helping the needy.”

Emdad celebrated reaching the halfway point by eating a light lunch with his childhood friends and sponsors on the Isle of Dogs. He said, “We have the power to beat dementia, and I’m happy to play my part in raising awareness. It’s been easy and now I’m considering upping my target to 1,000 miles.”

Put your grit and pedal power to the ultimate test this winter by Cycling Down Dementia for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Ride 300 miles or 1,000 miles and raise £150 for life-changing dementia research. Do it in three days, three weeks or three months – the challenge is yours.

For more information on Cycle Down Dementia, go to:

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